Mission, Vision and Values of SDoky

Success inevitably leads to happiness

Whether we think about it all the time or not at all, it’s undeniable that we all aspire to personal fulfillment. Once the "getting better" project is underway, we need to refocus and concentrate on our knowledge management so that it leads us to happiness. Indeed, the "becoming and being happy" project will revolve around the knowledge we already have, while developing it into that "something"— namely, the success of our projects that we cherish.

SDoky: Mission

We believe that knowledge management, more than resource management, remains the lever through which the fight against poverty will be won. Knowledge and its variations remain the key to the production of wealth. Thus, the development potential of a society will depend less on its natural resources in the future than on its capacity to create, disseminate, and use knowledge to better manage these resources.


We believe that knowledge is collective and that it should never be compartmentalized within a single person or even within a single group. On the contrary, knowledge being a public good, it must be accessible to all. For this, we offer our ebook to any new subscriber of SDoky and provide our educational support through our various workshops. Indeed, our goal is to ensure that within 5 years, 5 M people can use SDoky to invent new ways of development.


While personal data is considered by more and more companies as a commodity, at SDOKY SA, we give full respect to the privacy and data of our subscribers. We do not collect any personal data for marketing purposes. Each data created by a member remains his data and we do not have access to it.