Our Story

SDoky's story: from the genesis of an idea to its realization

Like anything perceived and intellectualized, ideas first germinate in the mind before they can be understood. However, most thoughts either end up as memories or disappear forever into the substrata of the unconscious. In other words, we seldom act on the ideas that come to us in our daily lives, so nothing becomes of them. One day, however, a particular idea struck me as important. I felt that this one deserved more attention, so I decided to put all my willpower into it to realize it. Indeed, this is how the SDoky concept adventure took shape in me, and I felt the need to develop it to its completion.

From the naming idea to the practice

Before being called SDoky (Smart Document or intelligent data management), this computer tool developed primarily for personal use was called Matrix. "From matrix, in Latin mater, itself derived from matter, is an element that provides support or structure, and is used to surround, reproduce, or construct," according to Wikipedia. Indeed, Matrix helped me to develop professional and social skills, and this by putting in place a method in place for each problem I had to face.

At its core, the Matrix uses a foundation based on the PKM (Personal Knowledge Management) methodology, from which it borrows several techniques. It also uses machine learning technology. What’s more, I’ve drawn on some aspects of neuroscience to inform some practical elements of the tool.

SDoky: going public on how to better manage personal knowledge

The realization that the software I had developed was working to solve my problems and those of the people around me sparked a new interest: that of sharing it. After having tested it with 200 people from different social and cultural backgrounds, with results that were more than 90% conclusive, the tool naturally seemed fit for sharing. It was at this precise moment that the desire to develop the software to make it public appeared. This is also when I started writing the associated book that you’ll find in bookstores or on Amazon in its digital version—and that you’ll receive when you create your account.

David Alexandre, Founder