The intrinsic relationship between knowledge and power

January 12, 2022 12:00 PM

The intrinsic relationship between knowledge and power

Fans of the series The Big Bang Theory will no doubt recall Episode 18 of Season 8, “The Leftover Thermalization,” in which experimental physicist Dr. Leonard Hofstadter (played by Johnny Galecki) argues with theoretical physicist Dr. Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) about which is more important, an idea or its application. They take their dispute to their friend Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg), a software and aerospace engineer, to act as referee. It comes as no surprise that the engineer sides with the person who brings ideas to life. As a result, the rivals never reach a satisfactory verdict. 

Having said that, whatever side you take in this argument, you will agree that both Leonard’s discovery and Sheldon’s contributing calculations would not exist without Knowledge. Knowledge plays a part during every stage of our accomplishments. Knowledge may be power, but power does not come from knowledge alone, as any politician or CEO will tell you. Power lies in the drive for knowledge, the ability to use it, and a can-do attitude. 

Knowledge must, first and foremost, be acquired on a strategic scale, using precise methods of acquisition. Knowledge must be effective and oriented towards a specific goal. Exploiting the power of knowledge requires a certain ability, which we all possess but need learn to develop in order to reveal it. Furthermore, it is important to consider the interaction between different types of knowledge within our local networks as well as the wider network of the world in which we live. This type of knowledge has been the source of great technological and social revolutions and is continually transmitted across generations. 

Indeed, any problems related to our personal development — which is essential for our professional and personal fulfillment — can gradually become solutions if the right decisions are taken. Every problem has a hypothetical key for us to find. Knowledge not only allows us to discover the key to our problems, but can even lead us to design those keys ourselves. In other words, at a higher level, we can become skilled locksmiths, cutting keys for the problems that hinder our path to success. But what are we really aiming for? How do we acquire knowledge? What do we need in order to succeed? 

Our purpose in life is to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. To get there, we must eliminate any procrastination and nonchalance from our repertoire of attitudes as we construct a world centred on the individual, a world in which knowledge becomes a necessary support for success. That is the outline of a programme designed to reinforce the power of action in our lives. 

Although knowledge has the power to create a change in perspective that leads to success, individual awareness and structuring of its elements are necessary. In this way, the real power of knowledge only works if the person embraces it completely and is determined to begin a venture without limits. Indeed, the strength of knowledge lies in our departure and journey, not in our arrival at a destination which was never really our goal. Your goal is formed during your passage through new experiences. All the decisions that you make will be part of the construction process, which in turn shapes the success of your project. 

Furthermore, for knowledge to assume its creative power, all information needs to be scrutinised to remove all the superfluous elements that are difficult to digest, and which do not enable the development of the desired traits be successful in life. 
Indeed, for knowledge to be fully effective, it is imperative that all barriers be removed so that its power can be deployed efficiently, through projects that fuel our well-being and socio-professional success. What is at stake here goes far beyond basic learning processes. Knowledge is understood here as a concept which includes the expression of individual and sociological traits, in order to shape a person into who they want to be and take them towards a positive future in which inner tranquility, quiet determination, and cumulative success are combined. 

Thus, to understand and be fully aware of ‘knowledge’ as a concept, know where to find it and free it up for your own practical use is a useful and exciting venture, which you are going to discover.