How SDoky works

How SDoky works

SDoky is an easy-to-use application. It has the advantage of not requiring any pre-requisites, and it guides you intuitively and progressively as you acquire knowledge that interests you, all the while adopting a simple and educational approach. 

Once you take your first steps with the application, some things will seem obvious and too simple. For example, setting up a daily schedule of activities, linked to a skill you would like to develop and whose repetition of actions may at first seem trivial. However, it is this daily practice that will enable you to increase your learning potential. Day after day, the skills you need to succeed will develop without you even if you don’t initially realize it.

Thus, SDoky offers you simple, but highly effective methods that are easy to integrate into your daily life. It has ample resources and is designed so that you can yourself build the bridge between theory and practice.

  1. Download the SDoky application from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.
  2. Open the application and select your language (please note that you will receive the SDoky eBook for free in the language you have chosen).
  3. Create your account and subscribe.
  4. Read your eBook carefully and put the instructions into practice for a self-development advantage.

Twelve ways SDoky will transform your life

Short-term benefits:

  • acquire greater self-confidence
  • to develop autonomous thinking (thinking for oneself)
  • strengthen your memory
  • increase your appetite for learning
  • learn to stay serene in complex situations
  • enjoy using new cognitive resources
  • be satisfied that your time has been well spent.
  • cultivate your argumentative skills
  • gain a sense of mastery over one's knowledge
  • get a boost of energy in boring situations

Long-term benefits:

  • succeed socially and professionally
  • feel and taste happiness