Our Story

Before it was SDoky (Smart Document), this digital tool was developed for personal use and called Matrix. “From the Latin matricis, which itself was derived from the word for matter, an element that provides support or structure and serves to surround, reproduce, or construct,” according to Wikipedia. In fact, Matrix helped me to develop professional and social skills.

Based on the methodology of PKM (Personal Knowledge Management), from which it borrowed several techniques, Matrix also applied Machine Learning technology. Elements of neuroscience were also factored into certain exercises.

I began to realize that the software I had created for myself and my friends and family was consistently working. After testing it for three months with 200 people from different social and cultural backgrounds, the results were 99.0% conclusive. This tool needed to be shared with a broader audience. At that moment, I decided to make it public and to write the companion book, which you can find in bookstores or download for free with the creation of your account.

David Alexandre