Social Capital

Social capital: an indispensable element of success

Whether you're seeking a job or a place to live, the social network you've developed will prove invaluable. Indeed, social capital cannot be improvised and must be meticulously built upstream. Whether the network is passive or active, well thought-out and intelligent maintenance is required. For example, if you’re a passive agent of your own network and at some point you have a problem, your transition to active status will be too late. The people who make up your social capital will not help you in this case. On the other hand, if you take the time from the beginning to maintain a healthy relationship with the people you consider capable of helping you in case of problems, this active status will help you find a solution to your problem without so much difficulty.

Opt for efficient social capital management

Social capital, then, is built patiently, so that its foundations are solid enough to provide adequate solutions related to your future problems.

In other words, it’s not at the moment problems land you that you should react. We should treat relationship—the main element of social capital—as precious assets, paying special attention to them. We often make our most important decisions at times when everything is going well for us. Indeed, maintaining healthy relationships made up of exchanges, good manners, meetings, lunches, and friendly invitations, is the key that will guarantee effective social capital.

If we want to reach a specific location, we need a path, and GPS can help us find the best one. Just like this method, our contacts need to be mapped out for our relationship to be successful.

The success of any project depends on a well-thought-out plan, and having long-term allies who’ll support you in the composition, management, success, and maintenance of your social capital is crucial. SDoky is knowledge management software. Its use will guarantee an unsuspected efficiency in the management of interpersonal links.

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