Success: a relative concept that can be adapted to the individual

What does success really mean? Depending on the time and place, success has many aspects. But what interests us the most is its definition and the reality that it translates according to the person. Indeed, success can mean changing a behavior, however small, in one's personality, maintaining a good relationship with one's entourage but also acquiring a diploma, landing a job, starting a relationship and maintaining it over time, or even more, becoming a boss, rich, and why not famous. Thus, success is protean: everything depends on the variables.

That said, the powerful of this world, namely Elon Musk, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg... all have in common the will that determines their actions. They'll all tell you that "will is power."

Learning to determine what kind of knowledge works for us

But what about you and me, the so-called "normal" people, who don't manage to succeed despite having a strong will? It's undeniable that an important element is missing from this formula for it to be complete. In our daily lives, we need to know how to communicate with ourselves just as much as we do with others. What's more, it's essential to know our own appropriate paths to success to avoid detours that just waste our time. Finally, it's more than important to know how to satisfy our own requirements and those of others. In other words, the more we increase the exploitation of the different types of knowledge that are positive to our well-being, the easier it will be for us to build a healthy environment that includes our happiness and that of those around us.

However, this success will only occur when the selection of knowledge adapted to each person is "correct.". This knowledge must be adjusted to our uniqueness while considering our environment: norms, rules, and other constraining social elements. Thus, our success will depend in part on this knowledge. The most accurate formula is, "Wanting and knowing is being able."

Our application—as well as the accompanying e-book will allow you to clearly understand the process of evaluation and formulation of a strategy to succeed in your life by following the different stages of our elaboration process, one step at a time.

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